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Spring Session: March 16 – May 25

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Join 1,000 Books Before Kindergarten today!

How does it work? Create a Beanstack account for yourself and your readers. Readers who are eligible for the 1,000 Books Challenge will see it appear on their profile. Join the challenge to start reading and logging!

Log each book you read to or with your reader. Any book counts, including those read at school, with relatives, babysitters, listened to, and read more than once. (Yes, repeats count!) Each 100 books will earn your reader a milestone badge and the chance to rescue a stuffed dinosaur from our treasure chest. When your reader reaches 1,000 books they’ll win the Gran Dino-Prize.

Reading 1,000 books may seem daunting, but you can start at any age, even newborn and if you read just one book per night for a year that’s already 365 books! If you read three books per night for one year that’s 1,095 books!

Sign up today to start building a solid literacy foundation with your young readers.

*In our collection, books from this list have a green call number sticker on the spine.

If you have any questions, would like more information, or would like to keep track using paper and pencil, contact Ms. Kate at 973-377-2694 or at