Computers & Technology

  • PUBLIC ACCESS COMPUTERS: 14 public access computers in the main part of the library; 4 computers in the young adult section; 6 computers and 6 Early Literacy Stations in the children’s section
  • WIRELESS INTERNET ACCESS: Wireless is available throughout the building and meeting rooms. Anti-virus, security, and privacy protection is the responsibility of the user.
  • WIRELESS PRINTING: Print at the library from anywhere. Instructions below.
  • IPAD LIBRARY CATALOG: 5 stations located throughout the library
  • COLOR PRINTERS: Accessible from the library computers. Color printouts are $.25 per page and B&W printouts are $.15 per page.
  • COLOR or B&W COPIER: Color copies are $.25 per page and B&W copies are $.15 per page.
  • COLOR or B&W SCANNER: No charge for this service
  • FAXING: Service available for a $1.00 per page fee.

Wireless Printing Instructions

Our Wireless Printing service allows you to print documents at the library from anywhere and pick them up at your convenience.

Sending a Print Job:

  1. Attach the file (one per email) you would like printed to an email (use paperclip icon).
  2. Enter “Library Prints” as the subject.
  3. Send email to the corresponding address:
    • Black and white:
    • Color:

Picking Up Prints:

Inside the Library:
  • You can release and pay at the Print Release Station inside the library (must be released within 24 hours of being emailed) during open hours.
  • Enter the email address used to send the documents(s) as the job name (no need to release “Library Prints” document).

  • Contactless Pickup:

    If you prefer not to come into the library, call us to have your job released and available via our Lobby Pickup Service. Charges will be added to your library card or you can pay by credit card (if over $5).