Friday Reads: Victoria

Sunday, January 15th, PBS Masterpiece theater will be premiering their new show, Victoria. Bringing to your screens the early life of England’s second-longest reigning monarch. If you’re a fan of Downton Abbey or The Crown, this show is bound to appeal to your love of high-class dramatics.

To get you ready for Sunday’s premiere, here are two books about Queen Victoria, packed full of epic balls, beautiful costumes and of course, romance.


Goodwin is a creator/writer for the show so you know that the screen translation will (hopefully) live up to its literary inspiration. The book, just like the show, follows Alexandria Victoria as she first becomes Queen focusing on her passionate courtship with Prince Albert and her early years as Queen in it’s freshman season. This novel is perfect for fans of Downton Abbey and those who enjoyed Goodwin’s previous novels. A perfect blend of Goodwin’s gift for history and drama mixed with anecdotes from Victoria’s personal diary, you can be sure that the show will be just as enjoyable as the novel and vise versa!



If of course, you want a more accurate account of the life of one of England’s most esteemed monarch’s, picking up her biography is the thing for you. Baird uses previously unpublished writings to help build the world of this beloved Queen and delve more deeply into the struggles and complexities of being pushed into power at such a young age. Don’t let the size of the novel throw you off (it’s a whopping 752 pages), as Baird’s writing reads more like a novel than a typical biography. It’s a great way to learn more about one of England’s greatest monarch’s whose reign has only been surpassed by the current Queen.