Is Your Phone a Mini Librarian?

It’s no surprise that owning a smartphone means having a tiny computer in your pocket but did you know your phone can be a mini-librarian? That is of course, if you download the right apps. These 4 apps will help your phone turn into a handy dandy librarian whenever you need one. All apps mentioned are free to download for both IOS and Android devices!

Merriam -Webster Dictionary:

Okay, this one may seem pretty obvious, but if you do not want to be someone who relies on autocorrect for spelling this app is a must. With talk to text technology, you don’t even have to attempt to spell the word you are looking for. Just simply say the word and the app will do all the hard work. Also, having a dictionary app at the ready is great for those times you stumble across a word while reading. Always wanted to build up your vocab? The app has built in vocab quizzes and word of the day to help expand your command of language.

NPR News or BBC News or (any news outlet you trust app):

In today’s world, it is hard to always know what is real and what is fake news. It’s also always a good thing to have your finger on what is going on in the world. A great librarian keeps themselves up to date on current affairs and to make your phone a truly great mini-librarian a news app is a must have. NPR News App allows you to read or listen to news stories while BBC News also has videos. It does not matter what app you download, as long as it’s one you trust.

IMDB (Internet Movie Database):

Whether you just want to find out who starred in what movie or want to watch the latest movie trailers, IMDB is a great app to have at the ready. The app also gives you access to all the latest entertainment news as well as lets you create your own watchlist. This is perfect for those times you have no idea what to borrow next from the library!


You know those times you’re out somewhere or turn the radio on in the middle of a song but have no clue what it is? Soundhound will be able to identify the title and artist by listening to a small piece of the song. Along with the artist and title, the app will also give you the album the song can be found on. ¬†This is important information if you are trying to find the song later at the library or in Freegal. The app also lets you explore top music charts and see what people around the world are listening to. This app is perfect for those who are music buffs and want to be a little more knowledgeable about what’s playing.


With these 4 apps, your phone can become a mini-librarian who can help you out of any jam but remember that we are always here if you need us!