A Day at the Library


Florham Park Public Library – 2013

As I write this I look around the Library. Let me tell you what I see.  Five people are using the library PCs, one person is using library wireless on his laptop, a gentleman is studying for a nursing exam, a mother and children are checking out books. If I walk away from my desk I can see more.  People reading and using laptops in the reading lounge, three people reading newspapers in the periodical area and another working in a workbook, two young people chatting as they use PCs in the YA area, a grandmother and child working on homework together, children playing educational games on the children’s PCs and a table set up for the afternoon drop-in craft. In the lobby a lady is having a snack while she talks on her cell phone and uses her laptop.  In the NJ Room the local AARP is meeting.  At the check -out desk a staffer is looking up the latest John Grisham title for someone while another staff member tracks down a Consumer Report review of snow blowers. This is a typical day at the Florham Park Public Library, where residents of all ages from infant to octogenarian find a library that fills their needs for books, PCs, newspapers, information, study space, meeting space, internet access, and more. The Florham Park Public Library truly is the heart of our community.


Here are some Library statistics that may be of interest. (These figures do not include December activity.)

  • 100,000 people walked through the Library door
  • 90,000 items were checked out
  • 4,500 eBooks, audiobooks and songs were downloaded
  • 5,000 questions were  asked and answered
  • 3,000 books and 350 audio-visual items were purchased
  • 137 magazines and newspaper subscriptions were available on the Library shelves
  • 200 Library programs for children were held with an attendance of over 2,000
  • Young adult programs were increased by a factor of 5 
  • Open 3,141 hours in 2013 (62.5 hours per week)
  • 50 programs were provided for adults with an attendance of well over 600.
  • 250  community group meetings and events  were held serving 5300 residents
  • 50,000 visits to the Library’s website
  • 20 online databases were searched 6800 times