Tech Corner: Let’s Get Creative

Adobe is known mostly for their computer products but the company has now made their way to your device with their free apps (with in-app purchases available). These apps make it easy for the creative minded or those who wish to become more inclined to sketch, edit or create creative photos at the tips of your fingers. As always, we are here if you have any questions or need help! (All apps are available free for both Apple and Android devices).

Adobe Draw & Adobe Sketch: 

These apps make it easy to become a digital artist. Adobe Draw includes tools that are more classic while Sketch has tools geared more towards those who sketch would use.  The format is simple and the tutorial reminds you how easy and user-friendly Adobe can be.  The app is minimalist and does not feel overwhelming. Also everything you need to change size and color is all in one place.

Photoshop Mix & PS Express

Photoshop Mix is a great app for those who love to create digital content and interesting photos. The app allows the user to do things such as merge photos to create new, fascinating ones.  With the other unique techniques from Photoshop, the possibilities are endless. PS Express allows the user to preform basic Photoshop techniques for free to their mobile pictures. A person can add different filters, crop, and edit specific things like red eye. Both are great apps for people who love to create awesome pictures on their phones.

Don’t have great Photoshop skills or would love to learn more before downloading these apps? The library has a great collection of books that will help you become a master at Photoshop and introduce you to a new set of skills. Visit our catalog for more info!