LYNDA.COM is a leading online learning company that helps anyone grow their business, technology, and creative skills through award-winning video tutorials that are available online anytime, anywhere.

Getting started with Lynda for Libraries

Lynda for Libraries is available by web browser.  Lynda videos may be downloaded to view later.

On the web, use your library card and pin here.

How to use Lynda for Libraries

Lynda is a library of training videos.  Courses are as short as 3 minutes (one video) to more extensive series of courses and videos.  Lynda puts a series of videos into Learning Paths so customers have the path to teach themselves how to “Become a …”

You can earn Certifications for each Tutorial completed and also for series of Tutorials.  Certifications are Certifications with one exception.  Project Management Certification can be obtained from Project Management Institute for Lynda coursework.

To find a course, you can browse the list of business, technology, and creative course subjects or use the search box.

To use the video training, select a video and start watching.  The video player includes various options – the most important to point out is the playback speed.  Speed up the video to finish it in half the time (2x).  Or slow it down to watch something closely.

Each video also offers an Overview, Transcript, View Offline option, and usually Exercise File.  And, even more, each video also offers playlists, bookmarks, course history, a notebook and the ability to print and share Certificates of Completion.