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New Users

  1. Click the button below or download the app on your mobile device by searching for “PressReader.”
  2. Select “Sign in” (near the top right on desktop or menu bar on mobile devices).
  3. A “Welcome” screen will pop up, select “Library or Group.”
  4. On the “Select Library” screen, enter “Florham Park” in the search box and then select Florham Park Public Library from the results.
  5. On the “Library or Group Sign In” screen, type your Library card number and PIN, then select “Sign In”.
    Login using your library card and pin number. If you do not already have a library card, get one now.
    Your library card number should be entered without spaces (ie. 11011).
  6. On the “New User” screen, select “No, thanks” or sign up for a free account, if desired. You do not need an account to enjoy reading the publications.