(We do not post our entire Policy Manual online. Please contact us if you wish to see a specific policy and we will be happy to supply it.)

Patron Code of Conduct

(Adopted 2-18-2019 by the Florham Park Public Library Board of Trustees)

The Library Patron Code of Conduct Policy outlines the acceptable and unacceptable behavior in the library. Any patron not abiding by these, or other rules, may be required to leave the library premises. The patron policy is posted around the building and reads as follows:

To allow all patrons of the Florham Park Public Library to use its facilities to the fullest extent during regularly scheduled hours, the Library Board of Trustees has adopted the following rules and regulations:


  • Engage in activities associated with the use of a public library.
    • Patrons not reading, studying or using library materials and/or services may be required to leave the building. Sleeping, except for young children under the supervision of the parent or caregiver, is not allowed.
  • Respect the rights of other patrons.
    • Patrons shall not harass or annoy others through noisy or boisterous activities, or
    • by staring at another person with the intent to annoy that person,
    • by following another person about the building with the intent to annoy that person,
    • by using cell phones or playing audio or entertainment equipment so that others can hear it except in designated areas as directed,
    • by singing or talking loudly to others or in monologues, or,
    • by behaving in a manner which can be reasonably expected to disturb others.

Appropriate noise levels and behavior standards are determined by the library staff.  

  • Comply with special posted rules that are specific to areas of the library regarding computer use, tutoring, quiet spaces, etc.


  • Consume food or beverages except in designated areas as directed.
  • Smoke; use tobacco or tobacco products; vape or use e-cigarettes or other similar products in the building.
  • Be under the influence of alcohol or drugs or engage in any manner of substance abuse.
  • Engage in any activity or conduct that is in violation of federal, state, or local laws or ordinances. Illegal activity is strictly prohibited on library premises.
    • Engage in any behavior that presents an imminent danger to the life or safety of others, including intentional non-emergency activation of alarmed exits or fire alarms, or bringing any object into the library that is unsafe, harmful, dangerous, or poses an immediate threat to the safety and well-being of others.
  • Leave a child under the age of seven unattended in the library without the supervision of an adult.
  • Interfere with the use of the library by other patrons, or interfere with library employeesperformance of their duties.
  • Violate the privacy of others in the library, including intentionally capturing the images of others by photograph or video without their consent.
  • Use another patrons library card and/or account number for any fraudulent purpose.
  • Use obscene or threatening language, words or actions otherwise likely to provoke an immediate reaction which may lead to confrontation or violence.
  • Create obstructions to the free flow of pedestrian traffic with their personal items or by moving library furniture or materials in any aisle, walkway, library entrance or exit or sidewalk.
  • Steal, deface, mar, destroy or make inoperable library property.
    • Library property includes books, magazines, newspapers, recordings or other items in the library collection; library furnishings and decor; windows or other library architecture; restroom or kitchenette fixtures; audio/visual and office equipment; or other items in the library.
  • Manipulate or interfere with library computers, software, library data, networks, audio/visual equipment settings, office machines and/or print management systems.
  • Enter or occupy staff-designated areas without permission and/or a staff escort.
  • Enter or remain inside library facilities before or after posted hours of operation without permission of the Library Director and/or the Board of Trustees.
  • Engage in selling, panhandling or soliciting, including distributing printed materials, signing petitions or conducting surveys, except by permission of the Library Director and/or the Board of Trustees.
  • Enter the building without shirt or shoes.
    • Patrons over the age of 3 must wear a covering of their upper bodies and shoes or other footwear. Those wearing wet bathing suits, cleats or other wearable items that may cause damage may not enter the building. Patrons whose bodily hygiene is offensive so as to constitute a nuisance to other patrons may be required to leave the building.
  • Use the library restrooms for anything other than their ordinarily intended purpose, it being understood that such purposes do not include bathing, shaving, or washing hair or clothing.
  • Use skateboards, bicycles, rollerblades, roller-skates, non-medical scooters or hoverboards, etc. inside the library.
  • Bring animals inside the library with the exception of trained service animals as per the ADA and New Jersey Law Against Discrimination. No other animals are allowed unless as part of a pre-approved library program.
  • Service and approved guest animals are subject to these conditions:
    • Animals must be kept in custody and under control at all times.
    • Patrons may be required to pay for any damage caused by their




As part of its mission to be an educational resource of the Borough, the Library supports many forms of instruction and educational enrichment.  The Library provides workspace for tutors and students on a space-available basis.  The Director may limit where and when tutors meet with their students to ensure the equitable use of resources.

The Library does not provide individual tutoring services, nor does it endorse or recommend tutors.  The Library accepts no responsibility or liability in this regard.

All Library patrons are required to follow the Library’s Patron Code of Conduct.

Internet Access Policy

(rev. 6/20/05)

Public access to the Internet is available to all users of the Florham Park Free Public Library on selected computers.  The Library is making the Internet available to the public as an informational and educational source in support of our role as the community’s information and lifelong learning center.

Consistent with our mission and the professional principles of public librarianship, this Internet Access Policy affirms the safeguarding of First Amendment rights, intellectual freedom, equity of access, confidentiality of information about users and their use of all library resources including electronic, and individual responsibility.  The Library affirms the following principles and user rights as delineated in the American Library Association’s “Library Bill of Rights in Cyberspace:”

Electronic information, services, and networks provided by libraries should be readily, equally, and equitably accessible to all library users.

Libraries and librarians should not deny or limit access to information available via electronic resources because of its controversial content or because of personal beliefs or fear of confrontation.

Information retrieved or utilized electronically should be considered constitutionally protected unless determined otherwise by a court with appropriate jurisdiction.

Responsibility for, and any restriction of, a child’s use of the Internet rests solely on his or her parents or legal guardians.

The Library assumes no responsibility for any damages, direct or indirect, arising from its connections to the Internet. The Library makes no guarantee, either expressed or implied, with respect to the quality or content of the information available on the Internet.  Not all the information available via the Internet is accurate, current or complete.  Users are encouraged to be good information consumers by evaluating the validity of information accessed via the Internet.

Users are cautioned that ideas, points of view and images can be found on the Internet that are controversial, divergent and/or inflammatory. By providing access, the Library neither endorses nor sanctions the content or point of view of any of the information or commentary that may be found on the Internet.

The Internet offers access to a wealth of information that can be personally, professionally and culturally enriching.  The Internet is a vast and unregulated information network.  It enables access to ideas, information, images and commentary beyond the confines of the Library’s collection, mission, selection criteria and collection development policies. Because of this and the fact that access points on the Internet can and do change often, rapidly and unpredictably, the Library cannot protect individuals from information and images which they might find offensive or disturbing.

The Library computers on which the public can access the Internet are located in public areas that must be shared by library users of all ages, backgrounds and sensibilities. Individuals are asked to consider this when accessing potentially controversial information and images.  Library personnel do not monitor or supervise Internet access, except for the length of time of use. However, the Library reserves the right to ask individuals to discontinue the display of information and images that cause a disruption in public areas by moving to a less public computer monitor.

Users are cautioned that, because security in an electronic environment such as the Internet cannot be guaranteed, all transactions, files, and communication are vulnerable to unauthorized access and use and therefore should be considered public.

The Library will not send or receive patron e-mail using Library accounts.

Wireless Internet Usage Policy

(rev. 2/20/06)

The Florham Park Library provides wireless Internet connectivity as a service for patrons with wireless-enabled devices.

  • The library does not filter the wireless network, which is available to anyone with a compatible laptop computer or other device, including children.  Parents wishing filtered Internet access for their children should purchase filtering software for their laptop computer or other device.
  • By choosing to use this free wireless service, patrons agree to abide by both the Library’s Internet Use Policy as well as this Wireless Internet Usage Policy, which prohibit disruptive or illegal activity while using the Library’s Internet service. Copies of these policies are available at the Circulation Desk and at workstations throughout the building. It is the responsibility of the user to understand these policies and his/her obligation to refrain from inappropriate or illegal activities.
  • Patrons shall defend, indemnify, and hold the Florham Park Free Public Library and its officers, employees, and agents harmless against all claims, actions, and judgments based on or arising out of the patrons’ use of the Library’s wireless network.
  • The user assumes all responsibility for the use of the Library’s wireless network.  The Library is not responsible for any alterations of or interference with a laptop’s configuration or operation or data files resulting from connection to the wireless network. The Library is not liable for the consequences of wireless network use in any way, including the transmission of computer viruses, loss of data or e-mail, or any harm resulting from the use of an unsecured server.  The Library is not liable for the loss or compromise of any confidential or sensitive, or any other information, and for any and all damages resulting from that loss or compromise.  In addition, the Library assumes no responsibility for damage, theft, or loss of any kind to a user’s equipment, software, data files, or other personal property brought into or used at the Library’s facilities.
  • The Library does not guarantee that all devices will be compatible with the wireless Internet service.
  • Users must know how to configure their own equipment.  Library staff members cannot configure a patron’s laptop or network card or help establish a wireless network connection.  The library does not provide wireless network cards or laptops to patrons. The library staff is not available for computer training or troubleshooting of a patron’s computer.  Patrons seeking Internet connectivity assistance are asked to use one of the library’s computers available for public use.
  • Wireless connections may be less secure than a wired connection.  Virus and security protection are the user’s responsibility.
  • Signal strength may vary in the building.  The Library cannot guarantee that the service will be available at any specific time.
  • There is no printing capability.
  • This service is not to be used as a permanent connection.