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Literary Road Trips

Like peanut butter and jelly, summer and road trips just seem to go together. Whether it’s a journey in a novel or an adventure on screen, road trips have been ingrained into our minds since cars became affordable necessities.   So what are your travel plans? Will they be imaginary or actual? The website Open Culture has mapped the routes of 12 interactive trips. Some are short, some are long but each required you to have a car and gas money.   Of course literary adventures can be a little more affordable done in just a day. One of the latest adventures is Lillian Boxfish’s stroll down memory lane in the novel, notably titled, “Lillian Boxfish takes a Walk”.   The novel follows Lillian as she walks to the places in Manhattan that have her life. This makes for an easy day trip tour of NYC. Throughout the walk Lillian reflects on events in her life including marriage, motherhood, and divorce. Set in 1984, the novel is a love letter to 20th century New York City and the way women have changed American from the Jazz age to the AIDS epidemic.   Following along in your favorite characters footsteps, either by car or by foot can make for a memorable trip that is sure to leave as big of an…

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