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Up For the Reading Challenge

2016 seems to have become the year of the reading challenge. More and more it seems people are ditching reading for pleasure and instead reading for a challenge. What exactly is a reading challenge? What does a reading challenge do? Reading challenges are a great way to step outside of the box to discover new authors and genres that may never have crossed a persons path otherwise. These challenges are also a great way to break reading slumps, those times where a book just never really satisfy’s. Here is a list we’ve gathered of the most popular reading challenges available online! We’ve edited some of the tasks to make them a little more library friendly! Also we’ve included a blank document for printing so you can play along at home! Motley Reading Challenge: This is the perfect challenge for those looking to step outside their comfort zone. These 25 tasks help guide the reader to pick books that fit the description instead of just blindly picking books and hoping they are good. The best part? The challenges can be completed in any order. Here is a sample of the first 5 tasks to get the idea. A book with more than 500 pages A book that became a movie A book written by an actor A classic you never got…

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