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Irish Themed Second Sunday Program

Journey of an Irish Immigrant – Performance by Kit’s Interactive Theatre “Give me your tired, your poor, / Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free.” For over a century, these words, inscribed on the plaque on the base of the Statue of Liberty, have been the idealistic mantra that America, a nation forged by immigrants, has both aspired to and rejected. The image of Lady Liberty, lifting her torch into the air as a beacon while the ships sailed into the harbor, became a symbol of hope and new opportunity for immigrants seeking to start a new life in America. However, the journeys immigrants embarked on were rife with struggle and prejudice. Fearful Americans reviled and fought against every new wave of immigrants, and the Irish wave was no exception. On Sunday, March 11th at 2pm, Kitty Jones from Kit’s Interactive Theatre will be performing at the Florham Park Public Library, putting on an engaging and entertaining program, her one-woman show Journey of an Irish Immigrant. The performance follows fictional Irish immigrant Maggie McLaughlin and her sister as they travel from Liverpool, England to America, recounting aspects of the journey ranging from the harsh conditions and experiences on the boats, to the rigorous screening process at Ellis Island, to their treatment as Irish immigrants as they began their lives anew…

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Diverse Reads: Intro to Horror

Just like horror movies, horror novels have evolved to be more than cheap thrills and gore. Over the last couple decades, authors have reshaped the literature of horror to create a more diverse genre. Here are 3 books we think are a perfect introduction to the different types of horror novels. Classic: The Haunting of Hill House by Shirley Jackson Written in 1950, Jackson tells the story of four people who decide to enter the haunted house for different reasons. As strange phenomena start happening, the strangers believe that is the worst of their troubles, but little do they know the house is bidding its time until it will choose someone to make its own. Supernatural Young Adult: The Forest of Hands and Teeth by Carrie Ryan In Mary’s world, there are a few simple truths. The Sisterhood always knows best, the Guardians will protect and serve and the Unconsecrated will never relent. The only thing protecting Mary and her village is the fence. Beyond the fence is the Forest of Hands and Teeth where the Unconsecrated dwell. Mary’s world is thrown into chaos when the fence is breached. Everything she thought to be true is revealed as lies. Mary must pick between her home and her future, the one she loves and who loves her but most importantly she must…

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Diverse Reads: Beyond WWI & WWII

Historical fiction is one of the most popular genres to read. Most readers seem to stick within the time period between WWI and WWII. This week, we are asking readers to try branching out and travel to an earlier era of history. Here are three books we think historical fans will love.   Wolf Hall by Hilary Mantel   During the 1520’s, England is close to falling to pieces. King Henry the VII has yet to secure the kingdom by producing an heir. Now he wants a divorce so he can marry Ann Boylen and hopefully stop the potential fall of the English empire. The novel, the first in the series, follows Thomas Cromwell, the King’s chief minister. Cromwell was a strong and powerful figure in the English Reformation. So sit back, relax and lose yourself in this political drama of Tudor Times.   The Underground Railroad by Colson Whitehead In Colson Whitehead’s latest novel, the author explores America’s deep south during the height of slavery. The Underground Railroad follows Cora, a cotton plantation slave whose life is filled with unimaginable terrors. Cora escapes her plantation by following another slave, Ceaser, who introduces her to the Underground Railroad. Whitehead re-creates the horrors of this time as we follow Cora fight to gain her freedom. This novel is perfect for those…

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Literary Road Trips

Like peanut butter and jelly, summer and road trips just seem to go together. Whether it’s a journey in a novel or an adventure on screen, road trips have been ingrained into our minds since cars became affordable necessities.   So what are your travel plans? Will they be imaginary or actual? The website Open Culture has mapped the routes of 12 interactive trips. Some are short, some are long but each required you to have a car and gas money.   Of course literary adventures can be a little more affordable done in just a day. One of the latest adventures is Lillian Boxfish’s stroll down memory lane in the novel, notably titled, “Lillian Boxfish takes a Walk”.   The novel follows Lillian as she walks to the places in Manhattan that have her life. This makes for an easy day trip tour of NYC. Throughout the walk Lillian reflects on events in her life including marriage, motherhood, and divorce. Set in 1984, the novel is a love letter to 20th century New York City and the way women have changed American from the Jazz age to the AIDS epidemic.   Following along in your favorite characters footsteps, either by car or by foot can make for a memorable trip that is sure to leave as big of an…

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Staff Reads: April

Ever wondered what the staff is reading? Here are some of the best books we read in April! A U.S. release of an internationally best-selling novel by the author of The Silk Merchant’s Daughter is set in atmospheric 1920s Ceylon and follows the experiences of a young Englishwoman who confronts local hostilities before the discovery of her husband’s secrets forces her to make a devastating choice. A novel based on the true story of the largest fire in Maine’s history follows the experiences of a pregnant woman who struggles to protect her two young children and watches her home burn while her husband joins the volunteer firefighters. By the best-selling author of The Pilot’s Wife. An undercover librarian who works for an occult organization that collects books from different realities must determine what happened to a particularly dangerous book that has been stolen and becomes mired in a mystery infused with peril and conflicting clues. Hired to work for the world’s most powerful Internet company, Mae Holland questions her luck as life beyond her job grows distant, an encounter with a colleague leaves her shaken, and her role at the company becomes increasingly public. A single mom’s efforts to support her shy star athlete son’s recruitment into a Division I college are violently complicated by a secretly disturbed young man…

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Friday Reads: As Seen on TV

Some of the greatest new television shows of the past couple months can be categorized in the genre “bio-show”. “Feud”, “The Crown”, and “Z: The Beginning of Everything” are some of the newest shows to entertain viewers with the dazzling lives of some of history’s biggest influencers.   “Feud” takes a look at the long historical riff between two of Hollywood’s biggest legends, Bette Davis and Joan Crawford. Once you have caught up on all the current episodes we suggest cracking open Bette Davis’ own memoir “This n that” as well as Robert Wagner’s “I loved her in the movies: memories of Hollywood’s legendary actresses” you’ll be swept away by these accounts of the Golden Age of Hollywood and its glamorous stars.      “The Crown” lets us take a peek into the life of Queen Elizabeth II as she adapts to her new role as Queen of England. We could dive into one of her many biographies but consider some juicy historical fiction that is just as good as a TV show. We recommend jumping into a novel by Philippa Gregory. Gregory is known for her series about the illustrious Tudors. The most notable is her novel, “The Other Boleyn Girl” which tells the love story of Mary Boleyn and Henry VIII. Gregory pays attentions to the details just…

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Friday Reads: New Must-Read Thriller

Ill Will by Dan Chaon I just started reading this book and I am Hooked. Dustin is a 40 something psychologist who’s world is about to come undone. The adopted brother convicted of killing their parents decades ago has just been released because of DNA evidence. Meanwhile, young men are “drinking and drowning”. Is there a serial killer at work? One of his patients, a former cop, thinks so and wants Dustin to help him look into the deaths. AND Dustin’s son is starting to hang out with his just released adopted brother! Joan Hipp    

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Myth As Told By Gaiman

      On February 7th, 2017, the newest Neil Gaiman novel hit the shelves. Norse Mythology is Gaiman’s own take on the myths that shaped his previous works. Gaiman weaves myths of Odin, Thor, and Loki into an exciting novel. Gaiman’s witty prose shines a new light onto the Gods, one separate from that of Marvel’s comics and movies. Gaiman adds a new life to these Norse myths capturing the God’s competitive nature, gullibility, and impulsive passions. Gaiman’s best-known novels include American Gods, The Graveyard Book and The Ocean at the End of the Lane. Norse Mythology by Neil Gaiman is now available at the library. Click here to place a hold!

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Tech Corner: Let’s Get Creative

Adobe is known mostly for their computer products but the company has now made their way to your device with their free apps (with in-app purchases available). These apps make it easy for the creative minded or those who wish to become more inclined to sketch, edit or create creative photos at the tips of your fingers. As always, we are here if you have any questions or need help! (All apps are available free for both Apple and Android devices). Adobe Draw & Adobe Sketch:  These apps make it easy to become a digital artist. Adobe Draw includes tools that are more classic while Sketch has tools geared more towards those who sketch would use.  The format is simple and the tutorial reminds you how easy and user-friendly Adobe can be.  The app is minimalist and does not feel overwhelming. Also everything you need to change size and color is all in one place. Photoshop Mix & PS Express Photoshop Mix is a great app for those who love to create digital content and interesting photos. The app allows the user to do things such as merge photos to create new, fascinating ones.  With the other unique techniques from Photoshop, the possibilities are endless. PS Express allows the user to preform basic Photoshop techniques for free to their mobile pictures….

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Friday Reads: Victoria

Sunday, January 15th, PBS Masterpiece theater will be premiering their new show, Victoria. Bringing to your screens the early life of England’s second-longest reigning monarch. If you’re a fan of Downton Abbey or The Crown, this show is bound to appeal to your love of high-class dramatics. To get you ready for Sunday’s premiere, here are two books about Queen Victoria, packed full of epic balls, beautiful costumes and of course, romance. Goodwin is a creator/writer for the show so you know that the screen translation will (hopefully) live up to its literary inspiration. The book, just like the show, follows Alexandria Victoria as she first becomes Queen focusing on her passionate courtship with Prince Albert and her early years as Queen in it’s freshman season. This novel is perfect for fans of Downton Abbey and those who enjoyed Goodwin’s previous novels. A perfect blend of Goodwin’s gift for history and drama mixed with anecdotes from Victoria’s personal diary, you can be sure that the show will be just as enjoyable as the novel and vise versa!   If of course, you want a more accurate account of the life of one of England’s most esteemed monarch’s, picking up her biography is the thing for you. Baird uses previously unpublished writings to help build the world of this beloved Queen and delve more deeply…

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